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Wax Ribbons

Choosing the perfect Thermal Transfer Ribbons should be simple and with our Labels Direct and DNP Enhanced Premium Wax formulation! Perfect for applications in Compliance | Electronics | Retail | Automotive | Inventory & Logistics | Food & Beverage | Health & Beauty | Pharmaceutical | Outdoor

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Wax Thermal Ribbons
combine outstanding performance
and reliability

Wax | Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Labels Direct, Inc. offers DNP's exclusive line of wax ribbons offers excellent print quality for a variety of applications including shipping, logistics, inventory, horticulture, shelf, retail and pharmaceutical. Each of our wax ribbons is formulated with DNP's exclusive backcoat technology and comes standard with special anti-static properties for easy handling and superior printhead protection. No other Thermal Ribbon manufacturer offers this commitment to product excellence. 

Wax | Formulation Characteristics

Different types of hard and soft waxes are used in wax ribbons. They are generally used for short term applications where the image is not required to stand up to repeated scratching, contact with chemicals, or high temperatures. Wax ribbons can be printed on a wide range of label material, but the most common and economical match is coated paper. Typical applications include compliance labeling, and shipping labels.

  • Contains highest percentage of wax
  • Lowest melt points
  • Requires least amount of heat for printing
  • Prints at lowest print energy settings
  • Least durable
  • Least expensive
  • Prints best on paper and low-end synthetics

Wax | Product Highlights 

Half Inch Wax is formulated specifically to function within the temperature and speed range of 1/2” printers while providing uniform coverage on a variety of substrates. Half Inch Wax also incorporates technology designed to control and dissipate static charges and a backcoat proven to protect your printhead. In addition, our halogen-free Half Inch Wax is coated and converted with pride in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania.

  • Compliances: Asbestos-Free, BPA-Free, Conflict Mineral-Free, FDA, Halogen-Free, Latex-Free, REACH and RoHS

V4085plus Versatile Resin-Enhanced Wax

DNP has selected a unique, proprietary resin for V4085plus Versatile Resin-Enhanced Wax that allows it to print high-resolution text and barcodes on a wide range of materials, from uncoated papers to mid-range synthetic films and even flood-coated labels. This resin also provides increased scratch and smudge resistance and allows the ribbons to print at high speeds, up to 12 inches per second (IPS).

Wax | Industry Focus

Compliance | Electronics | Retail | Automotive | Inventory & Logistics | Food & Beverage | Health & Beauty | Pharmaceutical | Outdoor

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