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Polyester | Roll Labels

With our highly durable polyester labels you can protect against water, weather, and more.

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Labels Direct, Inc. offer a wide range of Gloss White and Matte Silver Polyester labels with a permanent or removable, acrylic based pressure sensitive adhesive. Protect against water, weather, and more with our highly durable polyester labels. Polyester label material is a popular choice for labeling products that will be exposed to harsh conditions. Polyester labels are able to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, or sunlight. They are also resistant to heat, abrasion, and scratches, as well as chemicals, UV, and corrosive materials. In general, label facestocks are separated into two categories: paper and film. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, so choosing a specific type of paper or film depends on the specific needs of your pressure-sensitive labels. Paper facestock are generally less expensive than film stocks, but they are more susceptible to the elements than specialty films. Film facestocks, on the other hand, are highly durable, long-lasting plastics that can be modified to imbue them with specific characteristics, such as resistances to water and moisture, UV light, heat, chemicals, and abrasion. Polyester labels are a type of film facestock that offers maximum durability and is great for products that will be outdoors. They can be clear, white, or vinyl.